There was nothing new in this unit really shocked me. I already knew some about bias and algorithms separately, but this unit helped me connect those two together. I do not think algorithms are all bad, I think they’re quite helpful actually. And I think biases in humans are okay to have too. But when computers (the algorithms) and bias mix, it is not a good combination to have. The college admission example I gave in my discussion post shows exactly how I think/feel about bias in algorithms. They should not be set in stone, humans should be able to go back over the algorithm’s work and see which outcomes it did not choose.

At the beginning of the pandemic I remember hearing about K-12 students not having access to sufficient Wi-Fi or compatible devices for online learning. I didn’t realize however how staggering the statistics are for students that don’t have the necessary materials. From the assigned read/watch/listen sources and my own googling, I learned that most of the support for students is coming from their school district. This is great, but school districts do not usually have the funding necessary to supply every child with a computer or internet that needs it. I wish our government would take the initiative to make sure the entire country has high speed internet, it baffles me that people are having to take things like this into their own hands.

Awhile ago I made the decision to delete my long time Facebook profile (I’ve probably had it since late elementary school or early middle school). I realized that as an adult that future employers will most definitely be looking me up on the internet. I did not want them to…

Before this unit I knew about how autonomous vehicles were starting to become an actual thing, although I had no idea about Google’s Waymo. I knew about Tesla’s Autopilot setting, that the car can drive itself but it forces the driver to “check in” by putting both hands on the…

I found the intro discussion kind of difficult, just because of having to cite the sources. For the initial post I was able to include information from the sources and tie it into my thoughts just fine. But for the replies it was hard to include a citation when I was agreeing with Brad’s post, it felt awkward having to cite something when agreeing. Though when I was replying to Dayson it was much easier to cite a source. I think it’s because I was disagreeing with him so I was able to include information that he may not have thought about when deciding his opinion on the topic.

Hiya! My name is Alayna Waldo, I go by she/they pronouns. I am an ASL English Interpreting major. I can solve a rubik’s cube, my fastest time is 49 seconds!!

Alayna Waldo

WOU Student

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