Awhile ago I made the decision to delete my long time Facebook profile (I’ve probably had it since late elementary school or early middle school). I realized that as an adult that future employers will most definitely be looking me up on the internet. I did not want them to see any weird things I might have posted, liked or whatever, who knows what young Alayna was doing on the internet at the time. I didn’t want to bother going through years of posts making them private, so I decided it was best to just permanently delete my profile, and then make a new one that I can keep “professional.”

After going through last week’s Read/Watch/Listen sources I am SO glad that I had deleted my profile. I know that Facebook probably still has all the information they collected about me stored somewhere, which is scary but there’s nothing I can do about it now. But I do feel much safer that no random people can find my old profile, and find any information that my younger self didn’t think to make private.

This unit has opened my eyes to how much information companies do store on their customers and consumers. Prior to this unit I knew that the internet knows everything about you and that information gets sold to advertisers, but I didn’t know the extent of it. This class already has me more wary now of how I should be careful on the internet, and how easy I am to find. I have my name on all my profiles everywhere, and I have been slowly starting to change my usernames and screen names to try and be more “anonymous.” I know you can never be truly anonymous on the internet — someone can always find you if they try hard enough, but I hope my efforts have worked at least a little bit.

WOU Student